Making schools, colleges & offices digitally inclusive.

With solutions that help listen, translate, digitise and audio’tizeTM content across 60 global languages.

Sharing our vision with Hon'ble President of India

What is Kibo?

Kibo, an acronym for Knowledge In a Box is a tool that allows users to:

G.I.F. image on Listen, Translate, Digitize, Audiotize
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printed, handwritten and digital content

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content across 100+ languages

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download in searchable and editable formats

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download in MP3 audiobooks

Even the Sharks couldn't resist

to Try out Kibo!

and convert scanned in-accessible PDFs to Searchable and accessible even for Screen-readers used by visually-impaired users.

Introducing Kibo Kits

for institutions

Group of students sitting in a class room with Kibo devices on the table
Kibo xs logo

Kibo XS Kit

If you have hardcopy printed and handwritten documents and want to Listen, Translate, Digitize or Audio’tizeTM them.

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Watch Kibo XS demo
Watch demo video
"This device will be useful for all the people, not only for the blind segment. Entire books in our library can now be accessed in audio as well."

Kibo 360 Kit

To  scan hardcopy documents, upload images/PDFs or type text for real-time listening, translation, digitization and audio’tization.

Kibo 360 logo
"Kibo 360 is helping us translate, digitize and audio'tize our books and PDFs."
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Watch Kibo 360 demo

One solution for multiple needs

Listen, Translate, Digitize, Audio'tize - printed, handwritten and digital content across 60 global languages

S.M.A.R.T Language Learning Labs
Digitization & Translation needs
Digital inclusion for students with special needs
Accessible eBook/Audio-book creation

In compliance with

NAAC & UGC Guidelines
CBSE Guidelines
SQAA Framework
CBSE Circular
Sustainable Development Goals 4, 8 and 10

Digital Inclusion trusted by 600+ institutions

Patented technology stack trusted by leading I.I.Ts, I.I.Ms, State and Central Universities

& many more...

Everyday content access tools

for individuals

Kibo Mobile App image

Kibo Mobile App

Type, scan, upload documents or choose from a collection of 1 million+ books and listen on-the-go.

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Watch Kibo App demo
"Deepali accesses all her college notes (images, PDFs, Word files) in audio with Kibo app."

Kibo Desk Web App

Upload images and scanned image-based PDFs to listen, translate, digitise and audio’tizeTM content

Kibo Desk logo on a laptop
"Meghna used Kibo Desk to digitize content for her clients and has taken up such freelance projects."

Empowering 1,00,000+ people

to empower themselves and their communities

Nandita Tripathi
Asst. Govt. Pleader, Nagpur High Court
There in the High Court, to prepare the replies, each sentence has to be translated from Marathi to English. This job has become so much easier and efficient because of Kibo.
Research Scholar at IIT Madras
I am quite happy with the device and it’s performance because no software in India or no device in India currently gives accurate translation as Kibo does.
Dr. Mallapa Bandi
Assistant Professor at Dharwad University
I am completely wiped off the problem of print disability as well as digital content disability.
Karan Kanakhara
Student at IIM Calcutta
Kibo device will somewhere contribute in breaking that stereotype in the society and it will open more and more doors of opportunities to the people.

Upto 90% subsidies

for visually-impaired individuals through our partnership with VOSAP (Voice of Specially Abled People Inc.), a US based NGO that aims to make access to assistive technologies affordable for all

Kibo and VOSAP logo for partnership
Hear from Mrs. Nandita, Kibo's VOSAP beneficiary

Awards and Achievements

Over this journey, our efforts have been supported and recognized both nationally and internationally.

Hon'ble Prime Minister Modi interacting with Akshita Sachdeva at Rashtrapati Bhawan with discussion around Kibo

Interaction with Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

January 2024

Hon'ble President of India interacts with Akshita Sachdeva at Rashtrapati Bhawan on 26 January 2024

Interaction with Hon'ble President of India

January 2024

Photo of Akshita with the TiE Women Global Pitch competition winners trophy for Kibo

Winner, TiE Women Global Pitch

November 2023

Bonny and Akshita receiving the CK innovation award from Nestle India Managing director for their innovation Kibo

ChinniKrishnan Innovation Award

September 2023

Bonny and Akshita holding the Patient Innovation award trophy given for Kibo

Patient Innovation Award | Portugal

September 2023

Akshita from Kibo team, posing with other winners of Bayer Foundation's Women Empowerment Award

Bayer Foundation Women Empowerment Award

June 2023

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Documents across 12 file formats

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Across 100+ languages

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Download in editable formats: Doc, Docx, TXT

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Prepare Audiobooks from documents


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Inclusive Education

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Better prepared for mainstream education with independent audio-based access to printed books, handwritten notes & e-content.

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Special Education

Better equipped to train Student for mainstream education with easy Braille, eBook and Audiobook production

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Mainstream Education

Better suited to support inclusive education for blind and visually-impaired students through accessible digital libraries.

Inclusive Employment

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Better workplace productivity in the existing job role along with new job opportunities

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Training Centres

Better prepared to train for mainstream employment, resulting in high placement rate.

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Better employee productivity for VI employees with digitally inclusive workplaces.

Digital Inclusion and Accessibility


Lives Empowered with Kibo.

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Institutions are now Kibo inclusive.

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Countries have Kibo's presence

Here's what our users have to say

Photo of Pranjal Patil
“It helps read Printed and Handwritten text. It is also useful for reading confidential documents."
- Patil Pranjal, IAS Officer, Sub-Divisional Magistrate
Photo of Dr. Anil Kumar
"Kibo XS fills the critical gap of providing relevant library services to the visually-challenged students and staff. Our experience has been excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending this product to other institutions."
- Dr. H. Anil Kumar (Librarian, IIM-Ahmedabad)